21 Nov 2018

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Mortgage life Insurance quotes, complete one form and our quote engine searches the market for the best quotes on decreasing mortgage life insurance.

To make finding the best mortgage life insurance quote easier we will then send you a summary of the decreasing mortgage life insurance quotes requested via e mail to keep for your records.

Best Life Insurance Advice

Comparing mortgage life insurance quotes online is simple these days, but understanding the differences in the plans on offer from the various providers can be tricky. We have independent advisors who can help you find the best policy for you at the best possible price.

Our advisors will take the time to establish your needs and budget to find the most suitable insurer based not only on price. They will also look at your health, lifestyle and occupation, all factors which can potentially affect how much you are charged for your plan.

Decreasing Mortgage Life Insurance Information

Mortgage life insurance is a form of term insurance that is designed to repay you mortgage should you die during the term of the policy. You can set the interest rate that the sum assured reduces by each year, typically between 8% and 12%. Many decreasing term assurance providers will offer a guarantee to repay the mortgage balance as a minimum assuming you have kept up with you monthly payments.

Level Mortgage Life Insurance

Level mortgage life insurance is typically used for an interest only mortgage where the balance will not reduce during the term. The sum assured remains level for the term of the policy and if the life assured dies during the policy term the lump sum is used to repay the mortgage.

Mortgage Decreasing Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

Most mortgage life insurance providers will allow you to add critical illness cover to your policy. These means that if you suffer a qualifying critical illness the policy will pay out the sum assured to repay the mortgage balance. As this is part of a decreasing term insurance you can still set the interest rate that the sum assured reduces by and the mortgage guarantee will still apply.

A critical illness policy typically pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, as specified in the insurance companies key facts document. They illnesses covered and definitions can vary from assurance company to company but typically cover for illnesses such as,

  • heart attack
  • kidney failure
  • some forms of cancer
  • stroke
  • coronary bypass

Dcreasing Life Insurance Providers

Below are the companies that you will be able to obtain decreasing mortgage life insurance quotes using bestlifeinsurancequotes.co.uk online sourcing system.

Aegon AEGON Scottish Equitable Mortgage Protection
Aegon AEGON Scottish Equitable Simply Decreasing Life Insurance
Fortis Ageas Decreasing Life Protection
Aviva Aviva Mortgage Life Insurance (Electronic)
Aviva Aviva Simplified Mortgage Life Cover (Electronic)
Friends Life AXA now part of Friends Life Decreasing Life Protection
Bright Grey Bright Grey Mortgage Protection from Bright Grey
Friends Life Bupa now part of Friends Life Critical Illness & Term (Mortgage Protection)
Friends Life Bupa now part of Friends Life CIC Term with Life (Mortgage Protection)
Friends Life Bupa now part of Friends Life Life Mortgage Protection Plan
Friends Life Friends Life eSelect Mortgage Cover
Legal & General Legal & General Decreasing (Term + CIC) - Electronic
Legal & General Legal & General Mortgage Decreasing CIC - Electronic
LV LV= FPP Online (with free Healthy Steps)
Pruprotect PruProtect PruProtect Essentials Plan
Pruprotect PruProtect PruProtect Plan
Progress ( Royal Liver ) Royal Liver Mortgage Life Protection
Scottish Provident Scottish Provident Self Assurance Mortgage Life Cover
Unum Unum Elixia Full
Unum Unum Elixia Split
Zuric Zurich Decreasing Mortgage Cover (Gtd) - Electronic
Zuric Zurich Decreasing Mortgage Cover (Rev) - Electronic

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